Who Speaks the Language of Your Soul?

“Don’t try to understand me. Just love me!”

This was written on a keyring I bought when I was fifteen. It felt like my heart’s plead to others, to the people I wanted so desperately to love me.

I felt alone. The “adults” around me felt far from me. Although they tried hard to connect with me they didn’t speak my language. I felt like they should have and got angry at them.

I didn’t feel like translating my Soul for anybody, as it is not always simple to be so vulnerable in front of people that might judge you, and even dislike you for how you really feel.

Then, in 2003, I visited my mum in Ireland, as I did most summers. And something changed. I found somebody that could understand my Soul so completely, and who never judged me. She just loved me!

She was and still is a pony! Yes, a beautiful hairy black pony! Her name is Blackthorn, Mora for us.



The first time I got up on her she bolted like a bat out of hell, because in getting up I accidentally touched her on the butt with my foot. She let me know quite clearly not to ever do that again!

The second time I rode her I couldn’t do what my instructor was telling me to do, I was getting so frustrated!! I started crying hard. She stopped and turned her beautiful face up towards me as to say “What are you at??”

That was the moment I realised she was going to be my friend forever!!! She was around six then, she is twenty-five now, but the love hasn’t changed. She arrived to Italy in 2004 and she turned my life around.


She has been with me through tick and thin. We fought with each other and we danced together.

She learned to trust humans again as she came from a very rough start before we bought her. I felt understood. She helped me taking a powerful step towards the light in a time when darkness was all I could see around me.


She is a mirror to my Soul and she can’t lie. I can tell the world that I am fine, but I cant trick her. She knows and she has her ways make me aware that she knows, like running away from me in the field if I am going to her stressed out! Which makes me even more stressed out!!!

But until I calm down, breath and re-centre, there’s no hope to catch her. She knows exactly when to come to me. And I am grateful for her in my life!!


Horses are powerful healers, they only speak one language, the language of the Soul, of the Universe. Through the eyes of a horse you can see your heart, no masks can hold on.

Mora's eye

If you have a horse in your life and you have spent some time connecting with your friend, you know what I am talking about.

Share with me if you have a friend like her in your life, a pet that isn’t just a pet! I’d love to know your friend!

Respect them! Love them! And most of all, be grateful for their time with you as it is a precious gift!!


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