The World Through Your Senses

We said before how we can change our reality by focusing on better feeling thoughts (I am the master of my fate) but sometimes controlling our thoughts can be hard, as we are thinking all the time.


So, we said that a good way to go is relying on your emotional system instead. Any time you are feeling negative emotions, drop the subject and move to a better feeling place in your mind. But how to do that?

Start with the obvious: your senses. If you are watching, listening, smelling, tasting or touching something that brings up negative emotions, change the situation.


If you are watching a programme that stirs in you feelings of anxiety, sadness or similar, you can change channel or leave the room, or even better, change it for some powerful teachings of your choice.

If the music you are listening brings up negative feelings change to something more inspiring.


A lot of the time we watch and listen to things out of habit, or because it is the accepted norm. Be aware of what you expose yourself to; choose things that inspire positive feelings.


The smell in your environment is something you do not pay much attention to most of the time. And that can be because it really doesn’t bother you, perfect! But it could be because you just get on with it, it is just how things are. Never settle for such thoughts. If it is a place you have to spend a lot of your time find some way to improve the scent around it. You could use plants, incense or essential oils to help the situation.


Same applies to what you eat. A lot of the time the food we eat is dictated by habits and not by conscious decisions; and very often laziness is a part of the picture. Make sure that what you eat is fresh and tastes good. Healthy food vibrates higher and will help raise your vibration.


Touch is also important. For example, choose clothing that feels good on your skin. Choose fabric from natural sources like cotton or nettles. Dress comfortably, rather than just aesthetically. Choose shoes that feel good for your feet, and so on.


These are only some very simple examples and there’s so much more that you can do. You will find that in many situations there’s always at least one little thing that you can change in order to feel better.


I have been long criticised for not watching sad and scary movies, or the news, as somebody told me that I should be able to watch all those and be a grown up. I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t be able to do, but I know what is helpful for me and what is not. I know what is conducive to a happy life for me and I go by it. So, I watch happy movies and I listen to lots of teachings that inspire me. And so on.

Is life perfect now? No, it isn’t. But I enjoy it so much more!!!

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