Realise the Fullness of Life through Meditation

Have you ever felt like your head was too small for all the thoughts that are storming in it at the one time??

You may have noticed that when the uncontrolled stream of thoughts floods your mind, your head feels heavy. It feels as if there weren’t enough space for your brain. If you could only make your head bigger, then your thoughts could fit in it.
When you are feeling this way, it is impossible for you to find any solutions to whatever situation is causing all the thoughts. If it doesn’t feel like there’s any space left, then there’s no space for the solution to come in.

Start by making space

In your kitchen you have a designated space for your dishwasher… Actually, this example doesn’t work anymore as we haven’t got a dishwasher in our cottage!! Let’s go with the fridge then!

my kitchen

If the fridge breaks and needs to be replaced, you can’t put the new one in until you have removed the old one. (Unless you have a very big kitchen, but we are in a little cottage, so go with me on this one! ;-)))

The same happens in your head. If lots of thoughts about something that you view as a problem are in your head, there’s no space for the solution to come in.
Meditation is one very effective way to make space.

Step around your thoughts

It’s like being inside a room, trying to see the beautiful landscape from a window, but the view is blocked by a tree. It might seem like there is no space to see the landscape.

tree in a window

But if you go outside on the balcony, you realise that moving to the right or left of the tree you are able to see all the way to the horizon.


The tree looked so much bigger from inside the house, as it was taking up all the view of the window. In reality there is so much space to the side of it and behind it.

When your thoughts are in the way, they are like the tree. But you can sit and meditate and you will find the empty space around your thoughts.
Your mind is infinitely spacious, like the Universe. So there’s infinite space for solutions to come in.

Now we can move on from the concept of “making space”, as the space doesn’t need to be made. Your mind is infinitely spacious as it is, you only need to realise it. When you get even a glimpse of that realisation, it feels delicious!!!

That space is what meditation is all about.
It is resting the mind in the emptiness that is in fact fullness: Fullness of life in the present moment!

When you experience life’s fullness you feel the connection with your inner self. In the present moment you are courageous, free and ready.
Your mind becomes an ally and you can unleash your infinite power, manifesting all your desires in the magnificent creation that your life is meant to be!

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