Meet the Goddess is with Serena Falchetti

I am super excited to introduce Serena Falchetti in this written Episode of Meet the Goddess.

Serena has been practising yoga since 1994, and teaching since 1997, when she got her diploma from the Master Giannetto Bencini, in Florence, Italy. She has trained in Italy and India in relaxation and yoga nidra, pregnancy yoga, chakra balancing techniques, and yoga at work.

In 2010 she finally opened her own centre, Centro Yoga Namaste.

She hasn’t only introduced me to yoga, almost fifteen years ago, but she also taught me how to teach, the greatest gift she could give me, and I will always be grateful for it!

So let’s get started!!

What does yoga practice mean to you?

Yoga practice has many meanings for me…

I remember the first impression I had when I started twenty years ago, was like starting a journey. I could feel an internal movement that calmed down any other desire. It was like travelling, but in stillness.

Still today, after many years, it is an internal journey, a movement inside of me, a continuous discovery.

For me, yoga practice is also “clearing”, meaning “letting go” of all things that weigh us down, that block us, to to reach the pure bright light we all have inside. A light that gives us energy.

So I could define my practice as a continuous flow, free from conditioning, moving along with my life.

What is your relationship with your energy?

Before answering to that I would like to explain what I mean by energy, as it is a very misused word now a days.

Through my yoga practice I came to understand how we are not just this body and this mind.

There’s more to us, something that vibrates, hat clams you, that moves you, that you can learn to feel and direct… That is energy for me.

I am aware of my energy, and through the yoga, I can feel it, recognise it, and “work” with it.

As an instructor, I often see people interrupting their practice, and other helpful things, right as they are going through stressful periods. When instead the practice would be very beneficial for them.

Have you noticed the same? Have you any suggestions to help peple in this situation to find the necessary motivation to keep practising despite everything?

Yes, sometimes people interrupt or delay their practice “After the exam” “After the holidays” “When I have more time”…

There’s nothing worse. It is actually in the stressful moments that even just a bit of this right way can save us from great fear, as it’s said in the Bhagavad Gita.

The more you make the effort, the more you get rewarded.

For example, practising yoga nidra consistently it’s like accumulating money on a bank account. When you need it, it’s there! It can be a weird example, but it makes sense.

When a person’s body and mind are relaxed, recovery and action taking are quicker, than in a tensed person.

It is not easy to explain to somebody that has only started, or who hasn’t yet experienced yoga.

How has the yoga helped you in difficult moments? Can you share with us some example?

My yoga practice helped me personally in more than one occasion, but the most important episode happened about eighteen years ago.

I was driving on the motorway and I wasn’t feeling well. As I entered a tunnel, I started shaking and I couldn’t see anymore. I felt like an electric shock, my heart was racing. It was a panic attack.

Thankfully, I started slapping myself, and I managed to pull over and stop. Someone came to collect me.

The doctor prescribed me some tablets for anxiety.

I rang my yoga master and he answered “If you take those tablets, you haven’t understood much of what you have done in yoga so far. Come to the yoga centre.”

So, I never took those tablets, in that moment and thereafter. And with the relaxation techniques I learnt, I never had another panic attack after that.

The secret is available for everybody: it’s in the breath.

Thanks to that past experience I can now help people that come to our yoga centre with similar problems 

Often people come to yoga due to anxiety, lack of sleep, or various physical problems: these are all blessings, because thanks to these “lacks of power”, people stop and start questioning. They re-connect with themselves and they find yoga.   

Infinite gratitude to my Master and to Life! 

Beautiful! Anytime I hear this story I feel even more grateful for having found yoga in my life, and fantastic teachers like you and Sara. Namaste!

At this point, talk to us about your dream! About your Yoga Centre Namaste and about what goes on in that beautiful space you have created… Your projects…

Good, my Yoga Centre Namaste… A dream that came into reality about 8 years ago, also thanks to the help of some of my students, who contributed each in their unique way.

Sometimes, went I look at the curtains I still recall you and Mark and your precious help, drill and measuring tape at hand!

I needed my own space where I could be free to practice and share yoga. In the years, my friend and business partner Sara and I, have cooperated with lots of different centres, where they taught different disciplines: each time we learnt and gained more inspiration!

I remember, for example, when we created Hatha-Gong. We where giving yoga classes with live sounds of gongs of Florence Gong… Amazing experience!

I mention a space, yes, a space not just for people, but also for ideas!

The most recent idea we had has been to try and incorporate yoga into the business world, into offices.

The bottom line is quite simple: “Healthy people perform better.”

And yoga techniques can help to relieve stress, tiredness, both mental and physical, and they improve concentration, creativity and the atmosphere in general.

@Yogawork Firenze offers courses based on yoga techniques of body work and breathing.

To follow a dream is not always so easy: there can be obstacles, maybe money or paperwork related.
On top of this, in the last few years yoga has become a fashion and the market is full of multiple disciplines called yoga+ something else!!!

Yoga is practised in every gym, in water, in the air… Yoga is used in advertisements, on magazines and on social media, with top models in unrealistic positions!

You can become a yoga instructor only in a few weekends.

Personally, I can’t connect with all this: I remain true to the Master-student tradition and to the yoga left to me by the Master Giannetto Bencini.

Yet, my dream of my own space for sharing yoga still resists and survives despite everything, and it will continue till I’m able.

Of one thing I’m sure: the possibility of teaching yoga has been for me the greatest gift for this lifetime, and until there will be at least one person who needs it, I will continue to share it!!!

”I honour the place in you where the entire Universe dwells, when you are in that place within you and I am in that place within me, we are One”.


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