I Wish Somebody Just Told Me What To Do!

“I wish somebody just told me what to do!”

Have you ever wished that? Everybody has thought that at some stage in their life experience, surely, I have!


It feels like life is throwing stuff at you and it seems unexpected most of the time. You feel like you have no control over it; nobody told you how to deal with life, despite all your years in the education system.

Other people told you what to do for a big portion of your life; then at some point they said: “You are an adult now! It’s time to take your responsibility and sort your own life!”


I remember that moment very well! School life has its challenges for sure; at least it had them for me. Then college, where you are not a kid anymore, but not an adult yet… And then it comes! The time when college is over, and you are meant to have all the answers. Well, I hadn’t any for myself, and for a lot of it I still haven’t.

I felt lost! From being told what to do at every step, I found myself alone and separated from the rest of the world.

“Find your own feet!” they said.

“How am I meant to do that?!”


So, I wished for somebody to tell me what to do. When nobody showed up I felt even lonelier, so I went for the emergency mechanism that saved me before: my ego.

“I am unconfident…. I couldn’t do that (which would be a very good proactive thing to do to improve my life!), it wouldn’t be like me…I can’t… This is how I am! …” And so on.


Soon I found myself stuck in a box. Sounds familiar?

How many times do you justify your behaviour with a description of yourself?

How many times have you found yourself in a role that doesn’t really represent you?

I discovered on y own skin that when you make such statements to the Universe, it gives all of it right back to you! So, the people around you and the experiences you are having, one by one, confirm all those affirmations about yourself. Your ego thrives, and you feel like you are becoming what everybody else calls an “adult”. You form strong convictions and beliefs, feeding what you call your “Personality”.


Good job! How does it feel?

“I don’t know… It’s just the way I am!”


And the good news is??

Well, for me the good news came when I discovered that I could get out of the box!

A good friend showed me a picture of a person sitting on a box, keeping another one trapped in. She explained to me that the character on top wasn’t anybody else but me. I had boxed myself, and only I could set myself free.

It is not always easy to keep the lid open and I have powerful people around me that remind me to be free, when I forget. And I am ever so grateful for them!


So, the good news is that there is an infinite source of power inside you wanting to break free and you have the capacity to lift the lid and allow your Soul to fly! Only then you will really know what to do. You will stop wishing for somebody else to tell you, because you are your own best guide!

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