I am Under no Obligation to Make Sense to You

Despite all the work I have done on myself the past few years, despite all the lovely teachings received, both in person and not, by great masters and teachers, fear still gets me!

Putting out these posts on the web is scary!! Publishing my books was scary! Every time that I stand in front of a class that I am about to teach to, I feel fear! And I tell myself:“What the hell!! You should know better anyways!”


But I have learnt that fear is a natural part of it, because it is a survival instinct. When in the past a person was exploring an unknown part of the forest, fear of what could hide there and eat him, was part of what saved the same person. When I teach horse riding to kids and some of them tell me they are afraid I answer: “That’s normal! You are riding a 400kg animal over which you have no control; it would be silly not to be a bit scared!”


The problem is not the fear itself, but how you let that feeling dominate your life. The kid that I see suffers the most is the one that decides to get off the horse and not try the experience, yet they stay watching with desire the others doing it. I know it well because I have been that kid for so many things!


But what is fear anyway? Fear is a negative emotion loved by the ego, as it gives it a reason to exist. When you feel fear you run to the ego, hoping it will protect you and keep you safe. But safe from what?

Safe from an idea of the future and from the expectation of something negative coming your way, out of your control. The thing in itself isn’t there yet, in most cases it will never happen. Fear lives in the projection of the future that is yet to come. But if it is yet to come, it means it hasn’t come yet. If it’s not here yet, where is it?


“Here” is reality, so if the future is not here, then it isn’t real. Are you afraid of things that aren’t real? Of course not! You are afraid in the expectation of what could come.

Afraid of the horse throwing you off; afraid of people comments on your work; afraid of failing miserably… That reality is not here yet!




So you feel fear because you don’t know what is coming your way. It could be something terrible, so better be prepared and be afraid. Everybody has used the say “Better safe than sorry” at list ones!

Now, you live in a dualistic world where everything is either the presence or the absence of itself, by the very nature of this physical experience. The absence of fear is love. So what is coming could be scary, but it could also be fantastic. You have two options in front of you: scary and fantastic. The rule would suggest that when there are two options in front of you, chances of things going either way are fifty percent.

Not in this case!


Here is why:


So, you are afraid of what could potentially happen, which means that you are taking into strong consideration the scary outcome. We could say that you are somehow expecting things to go the wrong way.

By the law of attraction, the Universe gives you what you place your attention upon, in other words, what you expect; so chances of things going the wrong way are now one hundred percent. But there’s good news! If you have strong positive expectations, as in you expect the fantastic outcome as the next natural step in your future, chances change completely. You are now at one hundred percent probability of getting the positive outcome.

It is that simple!


“God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear.”

Will Smith – What skydiving taught me about fear


“Better safe than sorry” keeps you in your comfort zone, living a mediocre semi-ok life!

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” allows you to live fully!!! And this is what we are here for!!!

Writing these posts is scary, but not writing them is worse as I love doing it, I feel inspired in the process of sharing my experiences and reflections and here I am: Under no obligation to make sense to you! But happy to simply be myself!

I am not going to be that kid anymore, watching others do what I wished I was brave enough to do!! What about you?

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