I am the Master of My Fate

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” William Ernest Henley


I have spent a lot of time feeling bad about things that were happening around me. I had challenges with my family, with work, with money and lots more. I felt as if I had no control over my life as it all seemed to be in the hands of somebody else, like a nasty boss, or a neighbour that is not so friendly etc.

As all of this was going on in my life, I kept doing all the things that I had always done: watching movies, listening to music, looking at the news on the internet and so on.


About four years ago my husband mark bought a DVD of the teachings of Abraham, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. He watched it and told me it was great. Yet I was so resistant to it! I would put on any movie, even ones I had already watched over and over, rather than THAT ONE!


But at some point things were really going bad! My life as it was couldn’t go on like that. So I watched it… At night when nobody could comment. And I learnt a very powerful lesson: despite the circumstances you can always choose you thoughts.


“Granted, external circumstances can contribute to one’s happiness and well-being, but ultimately happiness and suffering depend upon the mind, and how it perceives.” Dalai Lama


Non matter what is happening around you, you always have the power to choose what you are thinking, and thoughts create form!


Choose your thoughts about the subject you are looking at, and not only about it, but about everything in your life experience. When a thought comes up that doesn’t feel good, let it pass without feeding it. Start with something that doesn’t bother you so much and work your way up to more important subjects.


At the beginning negative thoughts can be strong and very believable. That is why it is important to listen to your emotions. Any thought that triggers a negative emotion is to be let go of.

You might say: “But that would not be being honest with myself!”

That was an excuse that I used a lot to justify feeling like crap and doing nothing about it!

It is not like that, because following such thoughts means following your ego and not your real self and here is the most powerful point: you are not those negative thoughts! You are not your ego!

The honest relationship can only be with your Soul, who you really are, who communicates honestly with you through emotions.


As you learn to let go of negative feeling thoughts, you will start replacing them with different thoughts. Always choose better feeling thoughts.

For example: “I hate my job!” This thought feels really negative. Drop it and replace it with “The job I have at the moment is not as good as the job I feel I deserve.” it is still negative, but not as much. Keep working on it, staying true to your feelings. Remember that you couldn’t replace “I hate my job!”  with “I love my job!” in one step, as it wouldn’t feel right. It would be too big a jump. But you can go higher one step at the time.

“The job I have helps me bringing money to my family”

“With this job I am fueling the next step towards achieving…” and so on.


Choose a better feeling thought that is believable to you and keep going until positive thought about that topic become habitual. You will see great changes in your life experience. I see it in my life every day!

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