How Comfortable is that Comfort Zone??

Have you ever felt like you wanted something more, but where you are feels safe enough and moving forward is risky, so you remain where you are?

Have you ever felt stuck in a reality that only partially satisfies you, if even?
I have, plenty of times!!

I lived for six years in a place I didn’t like, just because it was comfortable enough. It was known to me. Moving somewhere else was scary as I didn’t know where I would end up, or who my neighbours would be and so on.
It took my husband and I so long to decide. We faced our fears and now we are in a beautiful place that we really love, and guess what, our neighbours are so much nicer!!

our cottage

I can bring you lots of other examples from my life…

Here is what I have learnt:

Being in a comfort zone might feel good at the start, but not long term, as your very nature is expansion. It is very hard to expand when you are in a box, unless you break it. At the start you felt like you fitted right in, but at some point the magic broke. It was inevitable.
You feel like changing some aspects of your description, but it is a painful process, as the rest of your tribe mightn’t go in the same direction. When you start changing, you stop fitting in with the people around you and it can be a scary moment.

That’s how I felt about the job I have been doing for years. It was my description, my identity, even though I didn’t like it at all!
But how to make the change? How to face people expectations about me?

To ease the suffering that this process is causing, you create a different description of yourself, you ego is very good at that. Now you can find another tribe, one that fits in with your new characteristics. You are in another box. It will be comfortable for a while, but then your expansive nature will kick in again and so on.

Break the cycle

You have probably being told before things such as “Follow your heart” or “Follow your own compass”. Probably it hasn’t helped.
These advices didn’t work because your ego was dictating to you what works and what doesn’t. When you follow your ego, you follow your mind (Ego versus law of attraction).

You see, your thoughts aren’t meant for you to follow them, but the other way around. Your thoughts are tools for you to use when you decide.
To break the cycle of the ego, you must realise that you are the master of your mind, not the other way around.

Fear and negative emotions

When you realise that you are the master of your life, there’s nothing to fear. Your ego has created a box around you, or more than one, to protect you from anything you fear the most. You believe that from your box, things are more predictable and you are more in control of the situation.

If it was true why the fear that you still feel? Why the anxiety? Why all the negative emotions?

Ego versus Soul

When somebody pointed out to me that I was in a comfort zone, not being brave enough to make the change I replied “Couldn’t I just be actually happy here??”

This is the answer was given:

“Fair enough! But why then all the fear and anxiety? If this was really your chosen place, if this was really the description of yourself that fits you there shouldn’t be all this negative emotions within you!
So you said that you are feeling safe and in control, yet negative emotions are a natural part of your daily routine. Why is that? Would you like rid of all those negative emotions? Yes? We say no, you don’t want rid of them, because those emotions are very important at the moment as they are there to make you go ahead and get out of the box you are in. They are there to make your comfort zone uncomfortable, so that you can go for your natural expansion.”

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
Anais Nin

Emotions are the language of your Soul. When you feel negative emotions, it means your Soul is disagreeing with your ego. And they are never going to agree on comfort zones, as your ego believes in boxes, your Soul doesn’t! Your Soul is infinite and cannot be boxed or defined.

What is your Soul?

Your Soul is you. She is your real nature and your inner guide. She is your consciousness. Your Soul is the only one that will never lie to you. She will communicate to you all the time through your emotions, in a very honest way.
She will never get insulted when you ignore your emotions and decide to follow your ego instead.

lady dancing

She is physical and non-physical at the same time. She is the part of you that remains connected with the rest of the Universe all the time. She is the real you beyond any egoic interpretation. The real you is unlimited and unboxable.

So follow that wonderful inner voice within you and step courageously out of the box to enter the infinite space around you, where all the possibilities you could ever imagine are possible for you!!

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