Emotions: The Language of Your Soul

How busy are you right now in your life? How many times do you get to stop during your day and feel into the events, into your emotions, into your breath?

Story Telling

A few years ago someone told me a story. It was about a rich man who travelled to Africa. He needed to transport his stuff and so he hired some local men for the purpose. For the first few days all went well, the men were good and strong and kept the pace.

desert caravan

But one day they all stopped without warning and sat. The rich man tried to convince them to keep moving. He was in a rush. He had a deadline!
One of the local man said “We can’t move on yet.”
“Why not?” he asked.
“Because we are letting our Souls catch up with us.”

I found it quite powerful at the time, yet I still forget to pause and let my Soul catch up with me. How does it feel?

Volcano power

What I realised is that if I don’t slow down sometimes and take a conscious breath, my emotions remain hidden in some corner of myself.
And they don’t like to be ignored.

So they erupt like a volcano! And it can be quite destructive!


Yesterday I had one of those experiences, when a halt was imposed to me by circumstances, and I had time to stop. Without realising the lid came off and all the emotions I kept trapped for the past few weeks came out.

I felt like screaming, breaking something. I cried and cried! I felt the throbbing pain in my chest. The ache in my stomach…

“Let it hurt.
Let it bleed.
Let it heal.
Let it go…”
Nikita Gill

This quote that I came across today made so much sense to me.
Because that is exactly what happened. I allow it to hurt, then to heal and today I feel like new.
I realised what was not going well. I now know what I need to change, even though I am not fully sure how yet but it doesn’t matter.
Something powerful unblocked just by letting my heart run wild and express itself fully.


Ride the storm!!! Feel how intense it can be! Don’t shy from your true emotions as they are trying to tell you something important!

Take time every day to sit and listen.

Be quiet and Listen

Be quiet and listen was the first advise I received as I started meditating a few years ago. Be quiet and listen. So simple, yet how many times do we fully do it?

woman meditating

Be quiet and listen.
Not to something or someone outside of yourself, but to the voice of your Soul, to your deepest emotions. Listen! No judgement. Just listen. And see what happens!

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