Ego Versus Law of Attraction

Law of attraction tells us that when we place our attention on a subject, becoming a vibrational match to it, that becomes part of our reality. Therefore each of us is the creator of our own experience.

To know what the future holds for you, look at what you are focusing upon in your present.
What you focus your attention on, you become a vibrational match to, and you attract more of it in your experience.

But the ego likes a different reality:

one in which you are totally powerless, in the hands of other forces, whether divine or physical. So you look at your life and you blame other people for it, or circumstances beyond your control, or some judgemental and controlling god.

For a long time I thought it was easier to blame something outside of me, so nobody could point the finger at me. But I soon discover reality to be quite different. All the feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression, despair, guilt and so on, are the proof of how this way of living doesn’t work.


Get your power back

Following the ego makes us powerless, then why do we do it?
The ego was born in our past as a way out of situations we didn’t understand.

When I was a child in an adults’ world, lots of things were happening that were difficult for me to deal with. The description of myself provided by the ego helped me, as it did blaming others.

At the start the ego was a tool to be used only when needed. But because it didn’t really solve anything, it got used more and more, until we identified with it completely. It is now the perfect time to realise what is going on, and to take our full power back!


Recognise your ego

The first step to get your power back is to recognise the ego for what it is: nothing. Ego doesn’t exist. It is an identity created by your mind, in disagreement with your Soul. It feeds on fear.
We already said how fears are based on negative expectations and not on facts.
You could argue that there are objective facts that you look at and feel fear about. I felt like that.

sad woman

Let’s have a look at these facts

There are two types of things that can frighten you: things that happened to others, therefore they could happen to you; things that happened to you in the past.

Facts happened to other people:

You can’t know all the circumstances that led to those situations. You might have observed the outer experience, but you will never have a real insight in what was going through their mind; nobody can, but themselves. So you don’t know what focus and expectations they had, that manifested the scary situation in their life experience.

Each person has its own life experience, which is totally subjective, as each of you creates its own reality. So if something happened to somebody else, it doesn’t mean it is going to happen to you as well, unless you start focusing all of your attention to it, believing that it is going to happen and attracting it.

Things that happened to you in the past:

Well, the past is in the past and by definition it is long gone. You can’t properly remember all that attracted the situation in your life at that time and you are not meant to. There’s no benefit in even trying to analyse all the ins and outs of your past, just focus on the now.
Only because something already happened to you sometime ago, it is no indication that it is going to happen again.

So all these facts you are looking at to support your fear, become part of your reality only when you focus on them, only when your attention and expectations go in that direction.
When you feel the fear, the outcome in itself hasn’t hit you yet.

So fear is based on something that isn’t real, therefore fear itself isn’t real. Your ego feed on the expectations justified by the past, projecting them in the future. “It has happened before, so this is how it is going to be!” Ego never stays in the present.


Here and Now

The ego is in the past or in the future. Can you perceive either of them with your physical senses? No. You can’t hear, see, taste, smell or touch the past and the future. You can remember something happened in the past, even quite vividly. You can imagine a projection of the future in your mind, to the point that it feels quite realistic. But that’s all. So the past and the future are only possible in your mind, the ego’s realm.

The only time space reality that you can perceive with your senses is here and now, your present moment, the current manifested reality. This very moment is your only reality, right here, right now!

woman meditating in garden

There’s nothing to fear right here and now. You exist here and now. The ego isn’t needed in the here and now. Here and now is the place of your power, it is where you create from. It is the realm of your Soul.
So, when you live in the here and now, your ego doesn’t exist.
But, how to stay in the here and now?

The stream of thoughts in your mind runs wild, going from reminiscing the past to anticipating the future. You are carried by the currents of your thoughts, shaken by the strong winds in your mind. It is a habit that you have started long ago, and now is ingrained in your everyday living.


You need a new habit!

You need to retrain your mind to remain here, in the now, unless required to do otherwise. Your mind has to go back to be a powerful tool in your hands.

Meditation is the best way to retrain your mind. Surely you have heard so much about it, but do you really know what it is?
Meditation is the state of non-distraction. Simple as that, nothing weird or complicated about it.

I used to say: “Meditation is not for me.”
Which is like saying: “Being here, in the moment, non-distracted by unhelpful thoughts, is not for me?”
Good! What is it then? What’s for you? Is being a slave of your ego and uncontrolled mind for you? Is being anxious, depressed and hopeless for you? Is being anything less than the powerful being you were born to be for you? No, it is not! You know as well as I know that it is not.

So become friends with the concept of meditation. It is the single most helpful process you can practice.
Bring your mind home!
Let your Soul catch up with you!

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