Do You Believe in Magic? I Do!

Is Santa coming?? No, not really!!!

Today I witnessed something interesting while in a shop. Santa Claus made his appearance as myself and Mark were in with the girls. Yelena, my youngest was actually a bit scared, like another little child who didn’t want to go near the white bearded man.

So a random woman got a lolly pop and tried to lure the child towards Santa, by putting the sweet in the man’s hand. Eventually they convinced the child to accept sweets from a complete stranger! Well done!!!

It came to Yelena and the shop attender asked me if she could go. At that point Yelena was curious enough so I let her. The lady turned to me and asked if Aine wanted to go. I answered that Aine is over the whole Santa thing. The woman’s face dropped.
“How old is she?” “Eight.” “Oh my God!”

Sorrow filled her face at the lost child. No hope for magic in her life anymore. I didn’t tell her that we are saying the same to Yelena, and that she was probably more interested in getting a treat than in Santa itself.

Speak your Truth

Just a few days ago, myself and Mark, spoke to Aine about Santa and explained her that much of the story isn’t very true. There’s no man on a sledge flying around the world, no elves, and nobody is judging you all year around to see if you were good or not!!

Aine listened to it. She asked a few question about what is true and what is not, and we couldn’t answer to all as we don’t know. But one thing we could tell her for sure:

She is not a lost child because she doesn’t take sweets from a man with a fake beard! She is an empowered magical woman, with the power of the Universe in her hands and heart! She can be, do or have anything she wants, all year around!!!

What magic do we believe in?? Are we letting them tell us what is true and what isn’t?? Are we letting them fill us and our children up with lies or we follow our hearts, our Souls and our intuition??

There’s so much magic around us. When my daughter Aine draws she creates magic. When Yelena sings out loud for herself it is magical. There are things around us that we mightn’t see, but are there none the less. Magic is everywhere.

Magic is not a lie though. And to tell our kids lies about it only to then crush their dreams as they grow older is a perfect way to destroy all the magic they might ever feel in their life.

This is just my opinion. No absolute truth here. I choose real magic. The magic of my Soul!!!

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