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black cat

Witch’s Cats

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” Groucho Marx I am sitting in my kitchen; the Halloween pumpkin is lit on the table. My girls are looking forward to dressing up like witches tomorrow as we are going to a party at the forest park near us. I can’t […]

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woman on hammock

Enjoy “Me Time”

How often do you take some time for yourself? How often do people ask you if you are taking that special “me time”?? Taking time to yourself it’s essential, there’s no denying that. I should know as I am always trying to do everything, possibly without asking for help, which leaves me with very little […]

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goddess and dandelion flower

Unleash the Goddess Within You

Have you ever felt like apologising for all the energy you have inside? Have you ever felt like you couldn’t express yourself fully, for fear of not being understood? For so long I lived my life in a box. I felt like there was no other way to get peace and harmony in my life, […]

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child on pony

Challenging Change

Have you ever found that despite wanting to change some things in your life, you hang on for dear life to your identity? Despite seemingly going in the right direction, does it get scary when you have no answer to the “Who am I?” question?? On this topic, last summer has been quite the challenge […]

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blackboard I can't believe it

Law of Attraction and Surprises

When my youngest girl was born, as most babies she wouldn’t sleep at night. So we had hours on end walking around the kitchen, feeding or rocking her. Mark and I decided to spend the time that we were awake watching teachings. A friend of ours had gifted us “The shift” by Wayne Dyer and […]

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