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Do You Believe in Magic? I Do!

Is Santa coming?? No, not really!!! Today I witnessed something interesting while in a shop. Santa Claus made his appearance as myself and Mark were in with the girls. Yelena, my youngest was actually a bit scared, like another little child who didn’t want to go near the white bearded man. So a random woman […]

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5 Steps to Unleash Your Power

“ I struggle with other people telling me I can’t do something. I then scourge to so at my own detriment.. Not necessarily to prove to them I can, but to prove to me I can. How should I deal with this?” I got this question from a client of mine recently and I’d love […]

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Unapologetically Me

“Tablets?! I don’t need tablets, I just need you to shut up!” This is what my daughter Áine said to her dad tonight , joking at the dinner table (We are a bit weird, I know!)   We laughed so much, as I said to Áine that she has just found a great answer for […]

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