Be the Wild Goddess You were Born to Be

I feel like I can’t focus. I look at other people that can channel all their energy in one thing at the time successfully, and I feel like I should be like them, but I am not. Have you ever felt this way? I have, for a long time.

“Could you not just stay on the one thing for a while? You know? Just commit to something!” it was a comment I heard often about me.
“Would you just grow up and focus!” was another.

Do what they say, or follow my instinct??

I felt really bad for a long time about it, but then I realised that what these people were really trying to say to me was “Could you please come down here, so we can understand you better?”
“Could you please stick a label on yourself, so we can catch up with you?”

statue goddess

I have been struggling for a very long time, trying to understand how to change this aspect of me. It has been a suffering until I gave myself permission to just be the goddess I was born to be!

When I decided to start my own career it wasn’t a crossroad I had in front of me, there were so many roads to take. It was so damn hard to choose.


I could be this, or I could be that… I could coach women in their thirties looking for a change in their lives, or mothers wanting a career, or I could just write self help books, or maybe fantasy novels… What about the horses??? I felt like exploding!!!

My soul is too big and powerful to be boxed, to be defined, to be told what to do, to stick to a niche. And so is yours!!!

I can focus!!!

My mission however, I fine tuned. No matter the channel, no matter what I do, my mission is to grow unlimited and to inspire others, women in specific, to do the same.
And I soon realised that, against the odds, I can actually focus powerfully! My mission is imprinted in me. It took me a while to fully discover it.

You Soul knows you!

Although my soul always knew it, I needed time to admit it and accept it. And it is also ever evolving as I am expanding. We all are. But my focus on following my deepest dreams and inspiring others to do the same is undying. So, it turns out, I can actually be quite focused.

I am quite sure that looking closely at your life you will find examples that show your ability to focus.
When we allow ourselves to be, when we go for our deepest Why, unapologetically, we discover the real depths of our strength and perseverance.
There are no rues to follow. There are no right ways, or correct answers. Only the song of our souls!

Be Wild!!! No rules!

Only when we follow our souls, when we go for our wildest dreams, only when we reconnect to the Wild Woman inside of us, we can shine fully.
When we reconnect to our beautiful unlimited soul, nothing can stand in our way.


I feel like all these rules on marketing, techniques on branding, words to define us, to box us, are there to distract us from finding and then pursuing our highest self unapologetically.

Trust Your Fullness!

I write novels, I channel amazing messages, I practice and teach yoga, I play and dance with horses and help others to do the same and the list goes on and on.
I love it this way! I feel the fullness of myself in all that I am.
I am a goddess and never again I will be boxed.
So be you, be powerful and wild! I love your fullness, my dear sister!

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About the Author

My mission is to help women to shine their light bright, following the unique song of their Soul!