About Me

Hi! I am Matilde Crocini. I was born in 1984 in a small town, near the beautiful city of Florence in Italy.

In this page I am meant to write about myself and as usual I find it quite challenging. Questions like what is appropriate and what’s not come to mind. Or “What do other people do in their about page??”

But I am not any other person; I am myself, so here we go!

  • I have a degree in Wilde Fauna from the University of Florence.
  • I teach yoga, meditation and horse riding.
  • I have a diploma in Herbalism and a Master level in Reiki.

But none of this is who I am!

So what does make me who I am? Is it my past experiences? My passions? My family of origin? Or my beautiful family now?

I spent the last five years trying to find out who I am. I used to be so damn sure about everything, or that is how I was appearing. Then something changed within me and chaos broke loose!

Please let me know if any of this sounds familiar by contacting me, as this journey of self discovery can be quite a lonely path. It is wonderful to share this experience with somebody that can understand you!

I fought the chaos within me for a long time, going through feelings of hopelessness, depression, lack of motivation, and most of all, fear! Fear of not knowing. Fear of other people’s expectations of me. Fear of failure and also fear of success. And so on...

What has changed now? Very little really. I still feel fear. Chaos is still there. The fundamental difference is that I don’t let any of that stop me any more!!

I have learnt that you can experience all those emotions and still create a wonderful life. Those emotions are not me, or you. There could be many reasons for me and you to feel the full blast of the storm, but ultimately it doesn’t matter why, what matters the most is that the storm might be around us, but it is not us.

We are powerful beings, full of amazing potential! Limitless and beautiful!

And we have the choice to follow a different story. We have the choice to rise up above the black clouds to find the amazing blue sky!

This is where I want to stay and live my life from. And what about you? Let me know how you feel! I am looking forward to hearing from you!